System-thinking, Global-thinking and "We"-thinking

44-Class_SpringHay días que el propio liderazgo de cualquier emprendedor en el campo de la sostenibilidad sufre! Ir a contre corriente cada día, con pequeños y grandes proyectos resulta agotador y la feina de educación parece interminable. Hay otros días durante los cuales aparecen pequeños tesoros como este que os comparto. Es la declaración de inter-dependencia (forma parte del exam final) de una alumna del curso que doy en la UPF The Barcelona Lidership Journey towards sustainability. Gracias Abigail por sentir que la nueva generación también se apunta al cambio de paradigma!

This entire semester, both outside of this class and within it, I have felt very deeply that I belong to one race – the human race. Any other definition of who I am only serves to divide me from those people who may look different on the outside and inhabit different places around the globe, but who underneath it all, are just like me.

I have met people from Spain who I disagree with on political issues but agree with on similar personal struggles such as how to deal with loss.

I have met people from Morocco who speak a language I don’t understand (yet), but who understand a gesture of friendship over a shared meal.

I’ve met people from Germany who view history in a way that is unfamiliar to me, but when I pass them on the street we both understand the significance of a smile and wave.

I’ve met people who differ from me greatly in a great many ways, but I’ve realized that despite language barriers, religious differences, and political disputes, we all live under the same sun, on the same Earth. We are all trying to live happily and peacefully. We all want similar things for ourselves, our children, our work, our leisure time. It makes no sense to attempt to divide ourselves according to class or race or religion. This is something that is so relevant today. It is something I am so glad I had the opportunity to learn this semester. I wish I could take everything I’ve learned this semester out of my head and make copies of it to shove into other people’s heads so that they would understand why it is so silly to divide ourselves as human beings.

We all inhabit the same Earth. Geography doesn’t matter. Global issues impact us all. Climate change is a global issue. It does no good to separate ourselves along the lines of country borders or language. We must approach it with unity and acceptance. We MUST.

I will. From now on, from all I have learned, I will. I will open my mind to first try to understand different perspectives and experiences, before even contemplating a judgement. I will do all I can to approach new problems with system-thinking, global-thinking, and «we»-thinking. I will do all I can to encourage others to do the same. I will take what I’ve learned and I will not forget it. I will bring it with me wherever I go to encourage unity among people. Our world needs it right now. I will need it in the future. We all inhabit the same Earth. We all live under the same Sun. We are not so different.