The Plundered Planet

Paul Collier is  one of the most recognized researcher of the resource curse theory, also called the paradox of plenty, this counter-intuitive and depressing phenomena of underdeveloped countries with high natural resources (mainly fossil energy and valuable minerals) being actually trapped into the poverty due to mismanagement and high dependency of this single source of  revenues. His view, published in Foreign Policy magazine, about the gap between economist and environmentalist makes a strong case for new innovative ways to wisely protect our natural assets for the sake of current and future generations. Leer más

The business of sharing

The Economist has published a nice article few weeks ago about the (good) business of sharing. 10 years after the visionary Natural Capitalism book and related Harvard Business Review paper from Amory Lovins, it seems that – finally!- we are getting closer to the green economy based on services and not ownership. Leer más

Charles Handy, un filósofo del management

Recomiendo la lectura rápida y sin pretensión de este pequeño texto publicado en Materiabiz sobre el gran legado del académico Charles Handy. Coincido plenamente con el en que vivimos en un mundo de paradojas e irracionalidades. Sorprende todavía la plena vigencia de su ultimo articulo “What a business for” publicado en 2002 en Harvard Business Review donde (re)define el presente y futuro de las empresas en un mundo capitalista en transformación y crisis permanente.